1. Zeitungs Archiv :

Interessant was man auf www.e-newspaperarchives.ch alles findet.

2. Eine Woche in Les Reussilles :

Wir verbrachten eine wunderschöne Woche in Les Reussilles, bei ChezMarie

3. DJ Session :

100% HIP-HOP

4. GIF – Chat :

Its so much fun

5. Wochenende in Lungern (OV) :

Wir verbrachten ein wunderschönes Wochenende (24-26 Aprill)
in diesem Tollen Häuschen in Lungern (OV)

6. Robert Walser :

Eine schöne Geschichte

7. DJ Session :

Let`s Dace

8. New Office :

This is the office i work in. https://www.cubegrafik.com

9. Just some random Pictures :

I've saved a lot of pictures over the years, who knows why, so I thought I'd share them.

10. MODX processing elements explained :

I tried to visualise how the different MODX elements correspond with each both.

11. Tennis Champagne :

Bilder vom besten Raspenplatz der Welt.

12. Ferien im Jura :

In einem kleinen Häsuchen verbrachten wir vom 7 - 13. Juli 2018 eine wundervolle Zeit.

13. Der Bieler und der Bözinger Zoll :

Als die Bieler um das Recht kämpften Zoll zu erheben und sich gegen die Vorgaben des Kantons Bern wehrten.

14. Home :

Meine neue Wohnung in Biel/Bienne

15. Travel Pictures :

Some more Pictures

16. Where to go in Bangkok :

Some useful links when traveling to Bangkok

17. MODX – Workshop :

You will install MODX from scratch, and learn how to use its different elements to build a fully featured web solution including: closed user groups and a customizable product manager, including online shop & basket, which you can, in the future, extend and re-use in just two days.

18. FormItLog – my first official MODX extra :

Feels good, more will follow!

19. Run MODX, WordPress and Redmine on NGINX EC2 micro AIM :

I'm using amazon web services now for a while and was wondering, if it's really necessary to host my sites on a Small Instance So I came across NGINX web server which is famous for it's performance and low resource usage. So here how to run, MODX, WordPress and Redmine with NGINX on a amzn-ami-2011.09.2.i386-ebs (ami-b4b0cae6) micro AIM instance.

20. MODX FormLog hook to store formIt data in a jSon :

Hook to store FormIt data to jSon

21. Random Pictures :

Some random pictures from my time in Thailand

22. MODX SuperBoxSelect For Dummies :

Add one of these sexy multi select boxes to custom MODX manager.

23. IE9 jQuery Radio checked issue :

I just spend 4 hours to read a simple radio selection via jQuery in IE9 from the following form.

24. Search Engine Sphider – web crawler :

I was looking for a easy and simple way to crawl multiple web-sites and build a search catalog.

25. UBUNTU EC2: Add new admin user :

I’m sure there are plenty of articles describe how to add/create a new user on a UBUNTU EC2 instance. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a simple one so i decided to create this post more for my own reference. I assume you already have a UBUNTU EC2 instance (in my case 10.04.2 LTS ami-6afa8438 ) with a valid key […]