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Zeitungs Archiv

Interessant was man auf www.e-newspaperarchives.ch alles findet.

Eine Woche in Les Reussilles

Wir verbrachten eine wunderschöne Woche in Les Reussilles, bei ChezMarie

DJ Session

100% HIP-HOP

GIF – Chat

Its so much fun

Wochenende in Lungern (OV)

Wir verbrachten ein wunderschönes Wochenende (24-26 Aprill)
in diesem Tollen Häuschen in Lungern (OV)

Robert Walser

Eine schöne Geschichte

DJ Session

Let`s Dace

New Office

This is the office i work in. https://www.cubegrafik.com

Just some random Pictures

I've saved a lot of pictures over the years, who knows why, so I thought I'd share them.

MODX processing elements explained

I tried to visualise how the different MODX elements correspond with each both.

Tennis Champagne

Bilder vom besten Raspenplatz der Welt.

Ferien im Jura

In einem kleinen Häsuchen verbrachten wir vom 7 - 13. Juli 2018 eine wundervolle Zeit.

Der Bieler und der Bözinger Zoll

Als die Bieler um das Recht kämpften Zoll zu erheben und sich gegen die Vorgaben des Kantons Bern wehrten.


Meine neue Wohnung in Biel/Bienne

Travel Pictures

Some more Pictures

Where to go in Bangkok

Some useful links when traveling to Bangkok

MODX – Workshop

You will install MODX from scratch, and learn how to use its different elements to build a fully featured web solution including: closed user groups and a customizable product manager, including online shop & basket, which you can, in the future, extend and re-use in just two days.

FormItLog – my first official MODX extra

Feels good, more will follow!

Run MODX, WordPress and Redmine on NGINX EC2 micro AIM

I'm using amazon web services now for a while and was wondering, if it's really necessary to host my sites on a Small Instance So I came across NGINX web server which is famous for it's performance and low resource usage. So here how to run, MODX, WordPress and Redmine with NGINX on a amzn-ami-2011.09.2.i386-ebs (ami-b4b0cae6) micro AIM instance.

MODX FormLog hook to store formIt data in a jSon

Hook to store FormIt data to jSon

Random Pictures

Some random pictures from my time in Thailand

MODX SuperBoxSelect For Dummies

Add one of these sexy multi select boxes to custom MODX manager.

IE9 jQuery Radio checked issue

I just spend 4 hours to read a simple radio selection via jQuery in IE9 from the following form.

Search Engine Sphider – web crawler

I was looking for a easy and simple way to crawl multiple web-sites and build a search catalog.

UBUNTU EC2: Add new admin user

I’m sure there are plenty of articles describe how to add/create a new user on a UBUNTU EC2 instance. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a simple one so i decided to create this post more for my own reference. I assume you already have a UBUNTU EC2 instance (in my case 10.04.2 LTS ami-6afa8438 ) with a valid key […]